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Dr. Grace Martin

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I have been working as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner since 2017. Prior to joining Spruce, I was employed at Pacific Medical Centers alongside other primary care providers and medical specialists. Finding the right diagnosis is foundational to successful treatment, which is why I devote significant time and care to get this right. Once familiarizing myself with your symptoms and life experiences, my primary goal is to explore a medication that will alleviate symptoms without causing bothersome side effects. While medications are important, it is only one piece of your overall mental health. I may advise my clients to make lifestyle modifications or seek additional testing. Achieving mental well-being takes intentional time and effort, and I partner best with those who are willing to meet me halfway. I would be honored to partner with you in this journey.

Areas of focus: depression, bipolar, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, PTSD and adjustment disorder. NOTE: While I can treat these diagnoses, if you have been frequently hospitalized, I may not have the resources to safely support you in a private practice setting. I also work with clients age 18 and up.

Dr. Grace Martin
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