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Dr. Cate Gerrity

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a passion for patient-centered care. I'm an active and compassionate listener. I hold a holistic view of mental healthcare, and am thorough in working with my patients to determine best next steps for them. I believe the best care happens when patient and provider work together as a team. I offer evidence-based practice recommendations, with treatment plans tailored to each patient’s need and comfort.

Most recently, I worked at The Everett Clinic as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. My population focus was children and young adults. I have a particular interest in anxiety disorders and supporting those navigating life changes (graduating, new careers, etc.) and see patients aged 14-40.

Areas of focus: anxiety, panic, OCD, grief, PTSD, stress, navigating life transitions, ADHD, adjustment disorder, depression and de-prescribing (assisting patients in reducing or stopping medications if appropriate). NOTE: I am not doing initial ADHD evaluations at this time.

Dr. Cate Gerrity
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