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Erika Benjamin



I am a nurse practitioner with over seven years of clinical experience. I specialize in developing profound and trusting relationships with my clients by prioritizing empathetic listening and individualized care. My commitment to client-centered care extends beyond diagnosis and treatment; I prioritize understanding each client’s unique background, values, and preferences. This holistic approach allows me to tailor evidence-based treatment plans that resonate with the individual, promoting collaboration and empowerment in their mental health journey. I specifically enjoy providing psychoeducation, brief therapeutic interventions, and lifestyle modification coaching. I also employ medication management when necessary.


I have extensive professional healthcare experience having worked in the field for over eleven years. I have practiced in a variety of settings including nursing in the intensive care unit and practicing as a cardiac nurse practitioner in a hybrid inpatient/outpatient cardiology clinic. This challenging role cultivated within me a commitment to providing holistic care that addressed both the physiological and psychological aspects of health. Recognizing the integral role mental health plays in overall well-being, I transitioned my focus to the mental health field.


Prior to joining Spruce, I worked in mental health at NeuroStim TMS centers as a nurse practitioner caring for clients with treatment resistant depression, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, PTSD and bipolar I and II disorders.


Area of focus: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. Ages 18+.

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