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About Spruce

Spruce is a professional association of Nurse Practitioners with common values and ethical standards. We are personable, compassionate and genuinely care about delivering a modern health care experience back by science.

We take the time to get to know you and your individual needs so we can create an effective evidence-based treatment plan tailored to suit. All of our Nurse Practitioners are board certified and have a range of clinical experience. They are also able to prescribe psychiatric medications and provide supportive therapy.


In addition to providing top quality psychiatric care, we place a strong emphasis on continuing education for our psychiatric nurse practitioners. We run a comprehensive new graduate mentoring program and provide regular seminars to discuss the latest in psychiatric sciences to best inform patient care.

Our team

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About the founder

Founded by Eliza Brink, a board certified PMHNP (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner), who has been practicing in Washington State since 2013. Eliza has also been a faculty member of the University of Washington since 2012. She currently teaches in the undergraduate Nursing and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner programs, while also running a successful private practice.


Eliza's experience in practice and teaching has highlighted the significant gap in training and education for students post-graduation. Spruce was created to address this gap by providing students a place to both start and continue their career with involved mentorship and support tailored specifically to Nurse Practitioners. 

We believe that people learn and grow best when they are in an environment of genuine compassion and support.

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